How to Use Smart Phones & Tablets for Surveying

Produce professional Word reports in seconds. Adjust lifecycles, residual life, schedule of rates. Export to spreadsheets, pivot tables, & pivot charts

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Make your surveying & inspections super efficient and save time & money


Use smart phones and tablets to survey your building assets accurately, consistently and efficiently. So quick and easy‑to‑use, with no learning curve.


Produce professional Word reports in seconds, complete with hyperlinked photo references. Send PDFs to decision‑makers and clients.


Manage your building portfolios by adjusting lifecycles, life expectancy, and schedule of rates. Produce lifecycle cost plans, forecasts and scenarios.


Export your buildings data to spreadsheets, pivot tables, and pivot charts. Integrate all your information with your in‑house asset management systems.

'Views' Make Our Software Unique

We have a unique 'View' system that lets you easily filter your building and asset data records to allow for endless data exports, without having to commission expensive consultancy, like you would have to with traditional asset management systems.

With 'Views' you can focus on single buildings, a subset of schemes, or broad analysis across your entire building portfolio, plus you can focus on items such as those with a poor condition rating.

Once a 'View' is established using a few mouse clicks, you can save it for later use. You would use a 'View' ro simplify editing, validation, reporting, and exporting tasks.

'Wizards' Make Our Software Unique

We have a unique set of 'Wizards', some are included as standard, others are offered as add-ons, so we can keep the base price of our software well below any of the competition.

Import & Export Wizards
Excel Pivot Table & Pivot Chart Wizard
Validation Wizard to find Statistical Anomalies
Scenario Planning Wizard
Synchronise Planned Work Wizard
Update Schedule of Rates Wizard
Repeating Lifecycle Forecast Wizard

Powerful Data Exporting to Other Systems

We produce data exports in Excel & CSV format for subsequent upload into any other asset management systems that you may be using.

No Lock In

We do not lock you into our system, and realise you may wish to use other systems in conjunction with our powerful database & reporting system.

Better & Cheaper

In fact users find our system offers much better features than the expensive housing & asset management systems they have paid £000s for!

Housing & Asset Management Integration

We have completed many projects where we helped collect data for other asset management systems such as Capita IBS Open Housing, Civica Keystone, Aareon, PIMMS, Integrator, Tribal, IBM Maximo, FSI Concept Evolution, Apex, In4Systems, Orchard, Asprey Lifespan, SDM, and many more.

Import Data

You will be able to import data from other housing asset management systems and take advantage of our powerful wizards such as the Scenario Planner and Statistical Validator.

Export Data

You will also be able to export data to other housing asset management systems, using our export wizards or custom designed export routines.

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