Power of PocketSurvey Asset Data Collection

Understand the power of the PocketSurvey mobile asset data collection surveying software, and how it integrates with the flexible desktop database and reporting system

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Understand the Power of PocketSurvey

The page has information to help you understand the power of the PocketSurvey mobile asset data collection surveying software, and how it integrates with the flexible desktop database and reporting system.

Bear in mind we cannot describe every detail of PocketSurvey in words (It has taken thousands and thousands of man hours to create!). So just ask if you have questions, or book another demonstration if you need to.?

Feel free to download any of these resources if you need to do internal presentations to stakeholders within your organisation. Some of these links will open the resource in another browser tab.

General Information

Background Information

About Our Survey Template Engine

Out software is a very comprehensive surveying data collection engine that can be configured for ANY question set (we have helped with many and various surveying projects over the decades).

There is a lot of logic and common questions in all our templates that cannot be easily conveyed on paper, but it make your system highly flexible, configurable, and powerful.

You can eaily contriol various switches to kick in supplementary questions like defects, installed date, remaining life, quantities, costs condition, etc.

But essentially, the whole surveying system can be driven by your own question set in a form of a schedule of descriptions/rates that details every aspect of your survey.

The survey template question set can be edited via our unique Template Editor, so you can produce your own custom surveying app in a few days, and modify it in a few minutes as an ongoing exercise.


Social Housing Condition Surveys

Below is information that relates to social housing stock condition surveys. However, we have many other survey templates that have different question sets that are all configurable by yourself.

Sample Outputs For Techincal People!

For import into other systems, you can export two related files, a single CSV file, or a single XML file. These exports should cover practically any other system you may want to use and import data into.

Here are some sample outputs for you that are a bit more technical, but show example of the type of typical fields collected by our survey templates.

Exports can be further customised by yourself, but if you need us to produce something special for you, we offer a simple add-on service.

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