Survey Software Pricing Explained - Do NOT Choose Brochureware!

One free survey template, support, all online training, unlimited survey data databases, and unlimited survey reports are included in every subscription

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Survey Software Pricing Explained

All our prices are clearly published on the website (unlike other companies!), but in case you haven't managed to find that information yet, here are some important links.

Below is an explanation of how our simple pricing works so you know exactly what you need to pay for.

Pricing Overview

Each survey app subscription includes free support, all online training, unlimited survey data databases, and unlimited survey reports.

Expanding Your Surveying Solution

We offer a range of survey apps and these are all priced the same, starting at £125 + VAT per user, per month.

Certain survey templates have add-ons, and all surveying apps can be used very effectively without needing any add-ons.

What Happens When Your Subscription Expires?

We do not lock you into our software unfairly, we just hope that you would you prefer to use it over other products due to the quality of the software and level of support we provide.

When your subscription expires you can keep all you own data, reports and images, you just lose access to the desktop & mobile software, and therefore, cannot create any new reports or import any new data from your mobile devices.

Likewise, you will not be able to create new surveys or transfer data using your mobile devices.

You also get plenty of warning with a grace period before your subscription finally expires. We always try to be fair and never leave people stranded. The survey data and reports that you create always belong to you.

We are always happy to continue your subscription at any time in the future should you wish to come back to us. The main thing I want to achieve is to help you become an efficient surveyor.

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