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Getting The Best Surveying Solution with Templates & Add-ons

Expand your surveying system with a great range of survey templates, add-ons, customisations and services, to give you the BEST surveying solution on the market!

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Expanding Your Surveying Solution - Great Range of Templates & Add-ons

You get your FIRST survey template FREE of charge with your initial subscription but you can easily add extra templates depending on the type of surveying work you are doing.

Additional Survey Templates from £100 per month

You get your first survey template free of charge with your initial subscription.

But if you need extra survey templates to use with your subscription you simply pay an additional fee depending on your type subscription.

Optional Template Add-ons

Certain survey templates have optional add-ons to give you enhanced features and functionality.

Cost of add-ons will depend on their functionality and are priced according to your subscription type.

Note that all templates can be used very effectively without needing any add-ons. Add-ons just give you extra features that some users like to have.

Advanced Add-ons from £100 per month

These are £100 per month or £1,000 per year.

Standard Add-ons from £50 per month

These are £50 per month or £500 per year.

Customisations from £1,000 per year

All our survey templates are ready-to-go and you can customise many of the features yourself using out template editor features. However, if you want something really special we can offer customisations for users on a yearly subscription.

Optional UK or EU Data Centre for Cloud Transfers

Additional Survey Software Services

Of course all support, online training, unlimited survey data databases, and unlimited survey reports are included in every subscription, but sometimes we get asked to provide some bespoke functionality.

So apart from our off-the-shelf surveying templates and add-ons, we also offer extra services to provide you with a tailored bespoke surveying solution. The fee for these services is normally a one-off cost depending on your requirements.

Typical services we get asked to provide are listed below. Let us know what specific requirements you have and we can give you an estimated cost.


* Add VAT to all prices

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