Mobile Property Asset Management Software

Manage your property assets with fast mobile asset data collection. Use our integrated database & reporting system or import data to your existing property asset management system

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Our affordable monthly software subscriptions are suitable for commercial property managers through to small residential property holders

Reactive Verses Preventative Property Maintenance

You need to be able to identify the potential of an asset failing, before it actually fails in order to effectively manage assets in your property portfolio.

To this end the on-site your surveyors only need to capture, condition, quantities and remaining life when using our mobile data collection application.

Everything else is automatically gathered from your customisable schedule of rates.

Variations in Property Portfolios

Every property portfolio is different, with different types of assets and different cost schedules.

This can be a nightmare! However, it needn't be.

With our software you can build your own customised mobile application. You can do this easily by changing the included schedule of rates with our unique template editor.

Furthermore, since costs constantly change over time, you want to be able to adjust costs across your portfolio without needing to survey again. This is very easy with our portfolio manager add-on.

Whole Life Cycle Cost Planning

Apart from gathering current short term costs, you also need to be able estimate costs for assets that have repeating life cycles, such as boilers, air conditioning, decoration and the like.

Furthermore you may need to apply uplifts for regional variations or keep costs in line with inflation.

All this can be done with with our property database and reporting system created from your mobile surveying.

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