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Ready-to-go property surveying software delivered the next day! Surveyors can easily customise the mobile software with our unique App Design feature.

There are so many types of Building Surveys, all with differing data collection needs. However, with our PsCloud Apps, we have a range of Building Surveys built using a similar interface, but all have excellent customisation features to make a unique app for you.

Our building surveying software will cost you much less than any competing building surveying software, and you do not need to pay per inspection or report! Everything is included in a low-cost monthly or yearly subscription.

General Building Surveys

This is the perfect General Building Survey software to accurately record the state of a building before purchase, renovation, or ongoing maintenance. It will save you hours or report compilation!

You can customise this surveying app with your own element descriptions, defects and recommendations, thus making your own building survey template. This means you can undertake comprehensive condition assessments of all types of buildings.

Captures location, condition, defects, repair costs, priorities, comments, building photographs and multiple photographs for each element.

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Schedule of Condition Surveys

Photographic Schedule of Condition surveys are notoriously time-consuming it normally takes you time to type in your paper site notes and collate all your photographs.

With this Schedule of Condition Survey app, you choose from a set of pre-built defect menus to build a flexible condition commentary from standard phrases that you can modify within the software.

Your can also use the additional 'Costed Works' add-on for Dilapidations surveys.

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Housing Stock Condition

This Housing Stock Condition software captures quantity, condition, remaining life, and use costs based on a schedule of rates that you can edit to suit your own needs.

This Social Housing app can capture data for any Housing Management System. It produces excellent reports with photographs, condition ratings, quantities, remaining life, and 30-year cost forecasts.

To enhance your survey template, you can use various checklist add-ons, such as Decent Homes, HHSRS, WHQS, and SHQS quality standards.

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Commercial Planned Maintenance

This powerful Commercial Building Condition & Maintenance survey software captures Replacement costs AND repair costs for fabric, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing items. Produce 5/30-year cost forecasts for ongoing portfolio management.

You can customise this survey template with your own elemental descriptions, defects, costs and lifespans. This means you can undertake comprehensive condition assessments of commercial, industrial, or educational buildings such as hospitals, schools & universities.

It's perfect for surveying both public and private commercial buildings. Collect data for ANY asset management system.

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Pre-Purchase Residential Home Surveys

With this Residential Home Survey software, you choose from a set of pre-built menus to build a flexible survey commentary from standard phrases that you can modify within the software.

Pre-purchase residential surveys are notoriously time-consuming because they take time to type in your paper notes and collate all your photographs.

Report variations include Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 Home Surveys.

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CAFM/CMMS Asset Data Collection

Affordable CAFM/CMMS Asset Data Collection survey & reporting software. For anybody wishing to collect data for asset management systems such as Concept Evolution, IBM Maximo, Tribal, Planon, etc.

You can configure the app effortlessly to use any schedule of rates, such as SFG20, BCIS, or your own in-house rates. Collect data for ANY facilities management system.

This effective Facilities Management Software will help you quickly and efficiently manage your investment in your commercial, industrial or educational buildings portfolio speedily and efficiently.

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