Best Building Surveying Software & Mobile Surveying Apps for Building Surveyors

The MOST POPULAR building surveying software. Survey software for surveyors & surveying practices who need to collect data out on site using mobile devices. Excellent building PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT features

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Building Surveying Software - Surveying Software for Buildings

PocketSurvey is the most popular building survey and lifecycle asset management software application that gives you fast data collection onsite and powerful lifecycle asset management features for your entire building portfolio on your own desktop.

Our building surveying software will cost you up to five times less than any competing building surveying software, and you do not need to pay per inspection or report! Everything is included in a low cost monthly or yearly subscription.

Because we use Android devices rather than iPads, the total cost of equipping your surveying team is really affordable.

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Mobile Surveying & Inspections Application

We have many ready-made building surveys and can customise them very quickly to suit your exact building surveying needs. Surveys run on your mobile devices and transfer data via the Cloud ready for you to collect and produce reports on you own laptop, desktop or server.

Customised Building Survey Templates

Our surveyor software gives you the most powerful surveyor customisation facilities, even in the off-the-peg surveys, that we can deliver in days of your order. We achieve this by using external lookup tables that you can easily edit yourself in our unique PS Data Doctor spreadsheet editor, or you can simply use Excel if you prefer.

Simplify Your Surveying Processes

Using PocketSurvey on your tablet or smart phone to capture data is much easier than using a pen, paper, camera and dictaphone.

With our mobile software you do not have to swipe endlessly to get to the correct question, or scroll down long pages to find the correct input fields - you are guided to the correct place, automatically and effortlessly.

Outputting reports back in your office is effortless, taking only a few seconds to produce a full building survey report, complete with traffic light colour condition coding and an automatically hyperlinked photograph gallery.

"I find that the PocketSurvey system is very user friendly, allowing my surveyors to complete on site surveys on their tablets at ease and with speed. When generating the reports these are done with ease with no unnecessary complications. The end client has always been happy with the reports issued." - Paul M

Secure with Comprehensive Backups

Survey data collected onsite is auto-saved as you work, plus archives of every data collection are available if you ever need to restore, both on your mobile devices and your desktop computers or servers.

Back in your office, you can edit and review, validate and edit your survey data using our unique filtering systems and statistical validator.

"Very powerful for asset data collection & stock condition Tried lots if surveying apps, which are all pretty trivial. PocketSurvey is the only one that can do proper asset life cycle planning, stock condition and building surveys." - Betty D

Data Outputs - Word, PDF, Excel, CSV

With our off-the-shelf surveys we typically output your survey data as a Word document, in easy-to-read format, with hyper linked photographs, and a selection of the data that you need present to stakeholders.

You would normally save this as a PDF and distribute to your clients or organisation members.

Excel Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts

With out pivot table wizard technology you can produce comprehensive Excel pivot tables & pivot charts in seconds. You can then distribute these to your clients, where they can perform drill down, their own analysis, and print various scenarios.

Customisable CSV Exports

We also provide extensive Excel & CSV data via our export wizards, that can be easily customised to map your data onto any, and I repeat any, building asset management system.

"Product is very adaptable and very user friendly, I can tweak/edit/omit the information as required and it transfers into Excel and PDF as good quality documents. All in all I am a very satisfied client." - Nigel D

Asset Management System Integration

Are you struggling to collect data out in the field for your expensive asset management system?

Or perhaps you need to re-survey and validate the data already held in your current asset management system?

Does your asset management system lack the modern data collection tools and mobile apps?

We Have The Solution For You

We have the perfect solution for you since we can create a custom survey question set for you; import existing data and export it ready for your preferred asset management systems.

"Effective and well supported! We have been using PS for a few years now for asset management of 5000+ stock, I have found their support staff to be by far the best I have had from any software company I have dealt with!" - Matthew J

PocketSurvey software for mobile building surveying and asset management can improve quality of data whilst reducing the time it takes to collect and report.

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