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Decent Homes Standard Mobile App - Social Housing Software

This affordable Decent Homes Standard survey & reporting software is suitable for Surveyors, Councils, Surveying Practices and Social Housing Associations. It's the best Decent Homes standard mobile app for social housing available

Decent Homes Software

This Decent Homes Standard template enables you to carry out fast quality inspections on-site using the easy-to-use app for tablets or phones.

The professional Decent Homes Standard reports include a decent homes summary section that is automatically calculated to give you your overall Pass or Fail property status.

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PsCloud Decent Homes Report

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Modern Decent Homes Software. PocketSurvey Ltd has developed the PsCloud Decent Homes software to be modern and mobile-friendly with an easy-to-use 'unified' interface.

Immediate PDF Reports. You can produce your report immediately as a PDF after completing your on-site inspection with one click.

Unlimited Reports. Reports can be customised with your logo and organisation details.

Your reports contain executive summaries, action plans and full Decent Homes details with recommended actions, photographs, and site plans ready to send to your clients.

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Understand. Register for the Decent Homes webinar to learn about the great features of the Decent Homes Inspection app.

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Free Training. You can learn how to use the software in under 10 minutes, and it's the same interface on both mobile and desktop. We also provide free ongoing training should you need it.

Watch the short overview videos to see how intuitive the software is.

Easy to Use. The video will take you through logging Decent Homes items, photographs, free format notes, etc.

All Devices. The software runs on iPads, Androids, iPhones, and Web Browsers.

This software will save you so much time by streamlining your complete Decent Homes & report writing process.


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Do you wish you could produce your Decent Homes reports on-site, instead of creating them in the office or at home late at night?

This fantastic software runs on all devices, including iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, and web browsers, and, of course, Android phones.

You can generate a PDF Decent Homes reports directly on-site. Then you can save it to your device or cloud storage for sharing with your client or team members.

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Decent Homes Standard Mobile App for Social Housing Surveying

This Decent Homes Standard template enables you to carry out fast quality inspections on-site using the easy-to-use app for tablets or phones.

Then you can produce your social Decent Homes Standard reports in seconds, thus reducing your office reporting & administration by 90% or more.

Ideal for housing associations, registered social landlords, councils, and especially surveying practices.

Decent Homes Quality Standard Reports in Seconds!

With this quality software, you can produce your final Decent Homes Standard reports as Word or PDF documents in just a few seconds back in your office, without having to do extensive report writing on your computer.

The professional Decent Homes Standard reports include a decent homes summary section that is automatically calculated to give you your overall Pass or Fail property status.

Then there are sections for each part of the standard (Fitness/HHSRS, Facilities, Repairs, Thermal Comfort), and detailed photographs where necessary.

The repairs section of the standard also shows condition, remaining life (Age), and future improvement costs, effectively giving you a mini housing stock condition survey.

You too could reduce your office admin by 90% by producing Decent Homes Standard reports in seconds

Decent Homes Mobile App for Fast Accurate Surveys

This surveying system is different to anything else you may have seen! The decent homes mobile app captures all the necessary data to calculate the standard according to the Government's requirements, quickly and easily.

You are guided to the right place, automatically and effortlessly by the app that displays configurable descriptions, conditions, residual life, and remedial costs from your schedule of rates.

Speed up on-site surveying and make your surveying teams super-efficient. The mobile software is slick, uncluttered, and so easy-to-use, even on smartphones.

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Powerful Database & Reporting System

This detailed social housing Decent Homes Standard survey captures quantity, condition and remaining life, with repair costs coming from an external schedule of rates that you can edit to suit your own needs. It includes the ability to specify comments, take building photographs and photographs for each building element.

The professional Decent Homes Standard reports include referenced photographs and automatic 30-year capital investment planning. Each report is initially produced in Word so you can do final edits if you need to before creating the PDF to send to your clients.

Your reports are customised with your logo and organisation details. You can create unlimited survey reports because there is no charge per report.

View a typical Decent Homes Standard report template by clicking the button below.

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Low Cost & Affordable For Decent Homes Inspectors

This mobile Decent Homes Standard software is ideally suitable for housing associations, registered social landlords, councils, and surveying practices

This slick mobile app ensures accurate & consistent Decent Homes Standard surveys across your property portfolio.

Prices are published clearly on our website and are scalable according to the size of your organisation. Furthermore, there is a fantastic monthly subscription option for smaller housing associations.

Because you save hours and hours of report writing, you will recoup your investment in less than a day of surveying.

What is the Decent Homes Standard?

Video Source

HHSRS & Decent Homes - Housing Regeneration History

Benefits Mobile Decent Homes Surveys

Your social housing surveyors waste a lot of time, effort, and cost by manually filling out paper forms, taking separate photographs, and dictating in the old-school way.

You also waste a lot of time correcting mistakes, re-keying data, creating reports and revisiting the site due to missed or lost site information.

You could use this precious time in more productive activities such as gaining new clients and marketing your business.

Save time & money with this surveying template when carrying out your Decent Homes assessments.

Finally say goodbye to paper forms and handwritten notes, forever!

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Social Housing Surveyors Need This Software

Building surveyors can complete Decent Homes Standard surveys in the field by using this revolutionary mobile Decent Homes Standard software.

The mobile software eliminates the need for paper-based assessment forms by guiding you through and assessments with a mobile application with pre-populated menus.

On-site data collection means that assessors never need to input building element data manually again. Then you can create your reports on your computer in seconds without any further editing.

This decent homes survey template allows you to collect information relating to building condition, the property in general, and to identify and programme future replacement works.

Be SMART... Collect Data NOT Paper!
Deliver Building Survey Reports in Seconds!