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The most popular ready-to-go survey templates, suitable for all types of building surveying & risk inspections, are listed on this page. Explore the example reports, screenshots and video tours.

Fire Safety Inspection Templates

Fire Door Inspections

This Fire Door Inspection software is specifically designed for fire door inspectors. It will help you manage and track the inspection and maintenance of fire doors in a building and generate reports on the spot.

You can customise the inspection checklists of compliances, non-compliances, and actions used to record the status of each door and document any issues or deficiencies with photos and notes.

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Fire Risk Assessments

This Fire Risk Assessment software guides you through a systematic evaluation of a building to identify potential fire hazards and assess the risk associated with those hazards.

The built-in knowledge base of PAS79 is presented as customisible checklists of compliances, non-compliances, and actions to mitigate fire risks.

This Fire Risk Assessment tool is valuable for building owners, landlords, and other responsible parties who must conduct fire risk assessments to comply with fire safety regulations.

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Fire Stopping & Compartmentation Software

Fire stopping and compartmentation are essential aspects of building design and construction that help to prevent the spread of fire within a building.

With this software, you can carry out a compartmentation survey and follow it with fire-stopping works, with before and after photos.

Choose appropriate fire-resistant materials for fire-stopping from built-in customisable lists, such as caulks and sealants, foam and putties, and gypsum board.

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Commercial Survey Templates

Commercial Planned Maintenance

This Planned Maintenance software is designed to help you manage the entire lifecycle of your building assets, capturing condition, photographs, long-term capital replacement costs and optional short-term reactive repair works.

You can customise this template with your own element descriptions, defects, costs and lifespans. This means you can undertake comprehensive condition assessments of commercial, industrial, or educational buildings such as schools & universities.

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Schedule of Condition Surveys

This Schedule of Condition software helps you record the condition of a property for landlords and property owners using photographs with captions, customisible element descriptions and defect lists.

You can also use the additional 'Costed Works' add-on to track repairs or maintenance to the property, for example, when carrying out Dilapidations surveys.

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General Building Survey Software

This General Building Survey software is perfect for inspecting the condition of a building before purchase or renovations or for assessing the overall situation of a building.

You can customise the one survey template with your element descriptions, defects and recommendations. This means you can undertake comprehensive condition assessments of all types of buildings.

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Housing Survey Templates

Housing Stock Condition

This Housing Stock Condition software helps organizations assess and manage the condition of their housing stock. It can be used by housing authorities, property management companies, and other surveying practices to track the state of individual properties and generate reports on the overall condition of the housing stock.

The mobile-friendly app can capture data for any housing management system and produces excellent reports with photographs, condition ratings, quantities, remaining life, and costs.

For this building condition template, you can add options for checklists such as Decent Homes, HHSRS, WHQS, and SHQS.

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HHSRS Inspections

The HHSRS Inspection (Housing Health and Safety Rating System) software helps you assess the risk of the 29 hazards, including excess cold, heat, falls, and fire.

Unlike other programs, this app has a detailed list of defects and actions specific to each hazard being assessed.

You can use the 'Cost Works' add-on to record any necessary repairs or improvements that need to be made to the property to address the identified hazards.

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Pre-Purchase Residential Home Surveys

With this Pre-Purchase Home Survey software, you choose from a set of pre-built menus to build a flexible commentary from standard phrases that you can modify within the software.

This software is easy to use and produces detailed professional-quality reports with integrated photographs.

Report variations include Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 Home Surveys.

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Compliance Assessment Templates

Asbestos Surveys

This Asbestos Survey software is easy to use and helps you manage the process of identifying and evaluating the presence of asbestos in buildings using your smartphone or tablet.

It includes features for scheduling, collecting and organizing data about the location and condition of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) and tracking the status of ACMs from laboratory sample results.

With PsCloud Asbestos, you eliminate tiring and repetitive report writing and save yourself hours of effort!

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Legionella Assessments

This Legionella Risk Assessment software is used to evaluate the risk of Legionella bacteria in water systems, such as those found in buildings, hospitals, and other public places.

The app has a comprehensive list of water systems (domestic &commercial), such as cooling towers, hot tubs, and air-conditioning systems, with associated typical defects and rectification actions.

This software is suitable for water treatment professionals, building managers, and public health officials to ensure compliance with regulations and protect building occupants' health and safety.

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Damp & Mould Surveys

Our popular Damp & Mould Survey software helps you inspect a building's exterior and interior, including the walls, floors, ceilings, and areas prone to dampness.

The software allows you to include defective building elements, cause, damp and condensation readings, and photographs of areas suspected of dampness.

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Health & Safety Surveys

Our Health & Safety survey software can be used used to identify potential hazards in a work environment that could cause accidents, injuries, or illnesses.

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