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Mobile App for NHS 6 Facet Surveys

Mobile App for NHS 6 Facet Surveys, covering the dore estates information required by NHS EstateCODE. The six Facet Survey comprises a combination of six separate survey sections

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Mobile App for NHS 6 Facet Surveying

Use our mobile NHS 6 Facet Surveys mobile surveying app to survey commercial and educational buildings onsite using modern tablets & smart phones.

Ideal for health & safety managers, compliance inspectors, fabric and M&E surveyors, and surveying practices.

Speed up onsite surveying and make your surveying teams super efficient. The mobile app is slick, uncluttered and so easy-to-use, even on small phones.

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You can easily customise your own set of questions in the following six facet using our unique survey template editor.

The Six Facets

FACET 1: Physical Condition Survey (Fabric & M&E) - The physical condition of the estate is assessed on three elements; the internal and external building fabric, mechanical systems and electrical systems.

FACET 2: Statutory Compliance Audit (inc. Fire) - Fire, health and safety are assessed on the property's compliance to statutory legislation.

FACET 3: Space Utilisation Audit - Space Utilisation is assessed on a series of judgements made on the intensity of use i.e. the number of people using it and the frequency with which they use it.

FACET 4: Functional Suitability Review - Functional suitability is assessed on three elements; internal space relationships, support facilities and location.

FACET 5: Quality Audit - Quality is assessed on three elements; amenity, comfort and design.

FACET 6: Environmental Management Audit - Environmental management is assessed on the overall efficiency of the property, with energy being a critical factor.

NHS 6 Facet Surveys Software - Reduce Office Admin by 90%

The professional NHS 6 Facet Survey App report includes referenced photographs. Your own report will of course be customised with your logo and organisation details.

NHS 6 Facet Surveys Apps

NHS 6 Facet Surveys App

View a typical NHS 6 Facet Surveys report by clicking the button below.

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This commercial condition survey app uses the NHS risk-based approach for managing backlog maintenance.

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