Customisable Building Survey Templates Delivered in Days

A comprehensive range of surveying templates for commercial, social housing, quality residential and compliance surveying. The survey question set can be tailored to use your own schedule of rates

Ready-to-go Building Surveying Templates Delivered in Days

A comprehensive range of surveying templates for commercial, social housing, quality, residential and compliance surveying. The survey question set can be tailored to use your own schedule of rates.

One of the great features about our building asset surveying tool is that, apart from the professional reporting features included in the software, you can also produce custom data exports using the in-built data export wizard.


Ready-to-go survey templates, delivered in days, optional customisation available


Housing Stock Condition

Housing Stock Condition Software

Residential housing stock condition survey with quantity, condition and remaining life, with costs based on an external schedule of rates that you can edit to suit your own needs.

Options are available to include 30-year repeating lifecycle forecasting and ongoing portfolio management.

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Quality Standard Inspections

Quality Standards Software

Government quality standard surveys, covering English Decent Homes Standard (including HHSRS), Scottish Housing Quality Standard, and the Welsh Quality Standard.

Options are available to include a full stock condition survey with 30-year repeating lifecycle forecasting.

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Housing Voids Inspections

Housing Voids Inspections Software

A fast and easy Voids Survey for logging defects and works needed in vacant buildings at the end of a tenancy, enabling fast turnaround of repairs in preparation for new incoming tenants.

Also covers administration of tenant details, void dates, key management, and meter details for utilities.

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Repairs & Renewals

Repairs & Renewals Software

Log categorised or fully itemised repair works, using priorities, and either spot pricing or costings from a schedule of rates of your own choosing.

Suitable for social housing residential properties block management companies, and commercial buildings of any size.

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Planned Maintenance Inspections

Planned Maintenance Inspections Software

Premium Commercial Planned Maintenance Condition survey capturing Replacement AND Repairs, for Fabric and Mecahnical, Electical & Plumbing items.

Optional add-ons are available such as:

  • 5-year, 10-year, 30-year repeating lifecycle forecasting
  • Moving, synchronising, and completing planned work
  • Statistical validation to quality check collected data
  • Scenario planning to adjust programmes of work inteligently
  • Ongoing portfolio management to re-apply updated costs and lifecycles

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CAFM Asset Data Collection

Commercial Asset Data Collection Software

Similar to the Commercial Planned Maintenance survey, but it can easily be configured to use any schedule or rates that you wish to use such as: BCIS, SFG20, NSR, NHF, SPONS, 6-Facet, or indeed your own spreadsheet SoR.

Although this template can be used for ANY building, it is epecially suitable for School DFES/CIF/EFA surveys, NHS Six-facet surveys, and data colelction for CAFM systems such as FSI Concept Evolution, IBM Maximo, Tribal, Planon, Civica, Capita, etc.

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Dilapidations Software

The dilapidations survey captures location, condition, defects, works costs, priorities, comments, building photographs and photographs for each element

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Statutory Compliance Audits

Statutory Compliance Survey Software

Also see other Compliance Audits below

Alongside building conditon surveys you often need to carry out Statutory Compliance Audits. This template produces your audit report, complete with cross referenced photographs and action plan, in seconds!

The standard question set in this audit template can easily be tailored to use your own sections, items, descriptions, actions, priorities, responsibilities, and even costs if you wish to get a cost breakdown.

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Asbestos HSE/HSG 264

Asbestos HSG 264 Software

Asbestos survey that automatically follows the guidelines set out in HSG264.

The HSE risk assessment algorithm is automatically calculated to give you the actions you need to take regarding asbestos management.

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Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment Software

FRA survey according PAS 79 guidelines.

Take the laborious work out of hand crafting a FRA assessment report from photographs and paper notes.

The status of the risk assessment automatically 'traffic lighted'.

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Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionella Risk Assessment Software

Legionella risk assessment survey according the HSE Approved Code of Practice L8.

Produces a comprehensive report showing the identification of potential sources of risk associated with Legionella within your buildings.

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HHSRS Housing Safety

HHSRS Housing Safety Software

Government Housing Health and Safety Rating System survey.

In addition to the standard Government HHSRS scoring, you have an option to log costed works needed to rectify the hazards.

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Residential Building Condition

Residential Building Condition Software

The Building condition survey template captures location, condition, defects, spot repair costs, priorities, comments, building photographs and photographs for each element.

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Party Wall

Party Wall Software

The perfect photographic schedule of condition survey template to accurately record the state of a building before party wall works commence. This will save you hours or report compilation!

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Indicative EPC ‧ iEPC

Indicative EPC ‧ iEPC Software

Indicative energy rating survey is run as a separate survey, but only take a few minutes to complete. The Indicative SAP rating from this survey template can be imported into your stock condition survey.

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EPC Site Notes

EPC Site Notes Software

EPC Site Notes for DEAs, where you can easily capture the tedious site notes & photographs when carrying out energy performance surveys. Ideal software for energy surveyors.

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