Mobile Survey Solutions for Surveyors using Phones & Tablets

Simplify your property inspections and building surveys with a modern mobile survey solution for phones and tablets

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Mobile Survey Solution for Surveyors

Property inspections and building surveys are important tasks for property consultancies and surveying practices.

However, the data collection, processing and analysis process for these surveys generally lacks automation and can be quite tedious.

Our mobile survey solution provides a complete solution using modern mobile computing technologies such as phones and tablets for mobile field survey data collection and analysis.

Mobile Workforce & Back Office Integration

Closing the gap between field workers and backend systems is the key to any successful building surveying operation.

You need to eliminate any potential for inaccuracies, loss of data, or miscommunications that could occur when field workers send information back to the office.

Smart Surveying Solution

Save time and money when undertaking any surveying data collection project by using Android smart phones and tablets to collect data out in the field in off-line mode.

You can export your collected data (in spreadsheet CSV format) directly from your mobile device, ready for importing into other systems.

Transfer the data back to your desktop using our included Cloud data transfer service. This way you can gather data from multiple mobile workers and import into our powerful desktop database and reporting system.

It is the most affordable mobile survey solution you can get.

It is the only intelligent survey solution with faster, smarter data capture for Android devices.

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