CAFM/CMMS Data Collection Software

CAFM/CMMS Data Collection Software

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CAFM/CMMS Data Collection Software

This blog post explains what to expect from CAFM/CMMS Data Collection Software, and what mobile tablet software can be used to achieve the quickest results.

What is CAFM/CMMS?

Aim of Data Collection Software

The purpose of a CAFM/CMMS Data Collection Software is to identify the

CAFM/CMMS Data Collection Software Reports

Here is a CAFM/CMMS Data Collection report sample

CAFM/CMMS Software For Tablets & Phones

The easiest way you to catch up on your CAFM/CMMS data collection backlogs is to carry out CAFM/CMMS inspection checklists on your mobile devices such as Android tablets or phones.

This tablet software allows you to complete regular CAFM/CMMS inspections quickly onsite and then produce comprehensive inspection reports almost instantly back at base.

If you are not carrying out inspections yourself you should expect your service provider to be using the very latest latest CAFM/CMMS data collection software to keep costs down.

  Low-cost Trial CAFM/CMMS Data Collection App

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FM Asset Data Collection

Do you need to collect asset data for your Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) and Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)?

Try the best and most advanced mobile asset data collection software now, free of charge. It will quickly collect data out in the field, and easily feed the information into your asset management system.

Asset Management Systems

FM organsations may use one of the following asset management software systems, however, they all lack a good mobile data collection surveying solution. We can provide the missing data mobile data collection components.

Try out some real mobile asset collection surveys that can be configured to work with all the asset management on the market by clicking the button below.

Maintenance Management Systems

Installation date, warranty expiration date, inspection date, replacement date

Best Maintenance Management Software - The Most Popular Systems

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) systems have revolutionised the day to day operations of companies spanning a wide range of industry sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, retail, etc.

This is a CMMS mobile data collection solution for hospitals and other healthcare facilities using onsite asset data collection.

Integrating Data Into CAFM/CMMS Systems

The value of a CAFM/CMMS system for maintenance departments is undeniable, but it can be difficult to get started beacuse the task populating your system with data can be very tedious and tme consuming.

One of the most critical aspects of successful CMMS implementation is ensuring that all data entered is complete and accurate.

The goal of a CMMS/CAFM system is normally to generate ongoing preventative maintenance plans.

Basic equipment information, such as type, capacities, physical location, and warranty dates, plus barcodes and images need to be captured onsite.

The CMMS dictates the format for data entry. In the worst case, this is laborious and time-consuming point-by-point data entry directly into the CMMS. The most common method involves spreadsheet entry, which can be streamlined if other software on the project can be used to produce a spreadsheet output easily formatted for the CMMS. In the best case, the department uses a CMMS that allows direct entry from BIM software already in use on the project by either the designer or construction manager.

BIM Integration with CMMS Software?

BIM allows organisations to streamline the transition from construction to building operation

What is a CMMS?

Computerized Maintenance Management System


CMMS is also commonly known as enterprise asset management (EAM) system and facilities asset management system (FAMS).

Increase CMMS/CAFM Productivity with Mobile Data Collection

Collecting the right data is fundamental to achieving optimal CMMS software productivity.

It's important to physically inspect your facility's assets to establish the foundation for a successful maintenance program. Equipment and system components should be recorded with enough detail so that maintenance and repair needs can be met.

Compared to a good mobile data collection, manual paper and spreadsheet asset asset data collection methods do not promote accuracy and increase costs.

One of the key factors in the success of any computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) implementation is the amount and quality of the data input. Not realizing they're creating a serious productivity hurdle, many electrical plant operations departments today are still using paper as the key means of collecting information about asset performance and maintenance activities

CMMS Software

Q: What does CMMS stand for?

A: CMMS stands for computerized maintenance management system or computerized maintenance management software, which simply means software that is designed to help you organize, plan, track and simplify your maintenance operations.

Q: What is a CMMS used for?

A: CMMS software can be used for many things, however, it is mostly used to help you organize, plan, track and simplify your maintenance operations. This is done by facilitating the tracking of work orders, scheduling of preventive maintenance, receiving external work requests, tracking asset history, manage inventories, and generating reports.

Q: How does a CMMS help Work Orders?

A: Work Order Management can become a complicated and unorganized undertaking without the right tools. A cmms system help you organize and track all of your Work Orders. You can see what work needs to be done, who needs to do it, how much time it took, how many parts were used, what invoices were involved and much more. Additionally, Work Orders can be tied to specific Assets creating data that is valuable when making critical business decisions such as should I replace an asset or continue to run it for another year?

Q: How does a CMMS help Preventative Maintenance?

A: The benefits of Preventative Maintenance is a well known fact and is responsible for longer equipment life, less energy consumption, fewer production delays, and much more, however, getting a PM program established and in place can be a daunting task. A cmms maintenance software will help you perform this by creating a platform where you can automatically schedule work months or even years into the future. The planned work is automatically generated for the right person with reminders automatically sent out. Additionally, all of the PMs are tracked so you know how much time they are taking and if they are being done on time.

Q: How does a CMMS help Work Requests?

A: Without cmms programs, Work Requests happen in a very manual and time extensive way with very little follow up. Phone calls or emails to the maintenance team take up precious time and effort that is better spent elsewhere. A CMMS system automate this process by allowing anyone within your organization to submit a Work Request that is automatically delivered to the right maintenance team member. Additionally, when the work is completed the person who requested the work receives notice that it has been completed along with completion notes.

Q: How does a CMMS help Tracking Asset History?

A: CMMS systems enable you to track anything you deem valuable for a given asset. You can track Work Orders, Preventative Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Labor costs, Parts costs and more. Additionally, you can attached manuals, PDFs, serial numbers and any other piece of information you need recorded. This establishes a extensive repository of information for each asset arming with you with necessary information needed for critical business decisions.

Q: How does a CMMS help Manage Inventories?

A: CMMS systems allow you to keep a running inventory of critical parts or tools that are needed for your maintenance operations. Parts are integrated with work orders and preventive maintenance so that your maintenance technicians can easily see if you have the right parts in stock before performing the work. Additionally, you can view how many parts were used within a given time, how many you may need in the upcoming year, and much more.

Q: How does a CMMS help Reporting?

A: One of the most powerful aspects of a CMMS is putting your data to work for you. Now that everything is being tracking you can pull reports that answers questions you were never able to answer before. Is the right maintenance work being done? What asset is costing me the most? Where is my maintenance team's time being spent? Is maintenance work done on time? What asset is breaking down the most? Which of my maintenance team members is best performing? CMMS reports allow you to answer all of these questions and more.

Q: Where can a CMMS be installed?

A: CMMS systems can be installed either as an on premise solution or as a cloud or SaaS based solution. On premise installations require you to install the software at your office on your servers and is maintained by your IT staff which often requires a large setup fee and ongoing server maintenance costs. Cloud or SaaS based solutions are setup on your CMMS vendor's systems and do not require you to configure servers or perform server maintenance. Both types of installations have pros and cons and it is best to talk with a CMMS specialist to see what best fits your needs and budget.

Q: How long does a CMMS implementation take?

A: This can widely vary based on many factors. How large is your business? How many features or modules are you trying to implement? Do you have team buy in not only from your maintenance team, but from other managers? How difficult to use is the CMMS software you are choosing to use? How much time can you put into the implementation? Answering these questions should give you a better understanding of the time a CMMS implementation will take. At Limble CMMS our software can be setup within minutes and successfully implemented within a matter of weeks.

Q: How often is CMMS software updated?

A: This will depend on the type of installation you choose. Cloud or SaaS based CMMS software is often updated on a daily basis with no hassle on your part. On premise updates involve you or your IT team and are often updated anywhere from every 3 months to once a year.

Q: Where is the CMMS data stored?

A: This also depends on the type of installation you choose. Cloud or SaaS based CMMS software will have the data stored on the CMMS software provider's servers. On premise will store the CMMS data on your server at your location.

Q: What industries benefit from a CMMS system?

A: Many industries can benefit from a CMMS including: Manufacturing, Facilities, Equipment, Building, Property, Hospitality, Restaurants, Churches, Fleet, School, Government, Gyms and more. If you work in an industry with valuable assets that need maintenance a CMMS software could be beneficial to you.

Q: Does CMMS software work for small businesses as well as large corporations?

A: Although the implementations may be a little longer CMMS software is designed to work well for both small businesses and large corporations.

Q: What is the difference between a CMMS software and Facility Management software?

A: CMMS and FM software often mean the same thing although some FM software packages have non maintenance modules included. For example, FM software may have a space management module which a CMMS software package might not. Be careful on FM software or CMMS software that tries to do too much. Finding the right CMMS software is one of the key factors in a successful implementation.

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