Mobile Indicative EPC Survey Software App - Indicative EPC With Just 25 Questions

Our unique 'perfect house' methodology means you can get a indication of the energy efficiency of a building with only 25 questions, that only take 2 minutes to complete

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iEPC Survey Software - Mobile Data Collection App

Here is some information to help you understand more about our Indicative EPC survey template, and how it differs from a formal EPC lodged at Landmark.

Our unique 'perfect house' methodology means you can get a indication of the energy efficiency of a building with only 25 questions, that only take 2 minutes to complete.

Fast Indicative EPC Reports

A key difference is that our product is geared up to collecting data on site quickly and easily, and then being able to produce your final reports in just a few seconds, without having to do extensive admin work on your computer.

Ideal for DEAs, social housing surveyors, and residential surveying practices who want to get an estimated EPC very quickly without having to lodge an EPC with Landmark

You can then act on the recommendations and improve your properties before commissioning a formal EPC via an accreditation scheme.

Easy To Use

With our mobile software you do not have to swipe endlessly to get to the correct question, or scroll down long pages to find the correct input fields - you are guided to the correct place, automatically and effortlessly.

You just concentrate on collecting the building survey data that you see on site.

Low Cost & Affordable

Our prices are published clearly on our website and are scalable according to the size of your organisation. Because you save a huge amount on lodgement fees you will recoup your investment in just a few days.

If you want to test the water you can even get going with a monthly subscription. And remember, all software subscriptions include everything you need such as: free online training, endless support, and your first survey template is included free of charge.

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Please book a short personal online demonstration where I can show you the mobile app, and how quick it is to produce Indicative EPC reports with the desktop software.

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