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Are you looking to make property maintenance, residential & commercial building surveying, or health and safety compliance more efficient?

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Surveyors & Surveying Practices - Best Apps & Methods

Are you looking to make your residential & commercial building surveying, property maintenance, or health and safety compliance more efficient? You will find some interesting articles and forum links in the blog posts section.

We regularly update our blog with interesting and useful posts aimed at commercial surveyors & surveying practices rather than home buyers planning to build or buy a property.

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Surveying Software

Mobile property & commercial building surveying software can save you a huge amount of time and help you become a super efficient surveyor, especially with a full range of professional ready-to-go inspection templates.

Mobile Surveying Templates

What is the Modern Surveying Process?

The mobile and desktop software app covers the following four major processes (CRME) most surveyors have to undertake on a typical surveying project.


Use smart phones and tablets to survey your building assets accurately, consistently and efficiently. The best mobile software is so quick and easy-to-use, with no learning curve.

Tablets or Phones


Produce professional Word survey reports in seconds, complete with hyper linked photo references. Send PDFs to decision-makers and clients.

Word & PDF Reports


Manage your property portfolios by adjusting life cycles, life expectancy, and schedule of rates. Produce lifecycle cost plans, forecasts and scenarios.

Manage Property Portfolios


Export your buildings data to spreadsheets, pivot tables, and pivot charts. Integrate all your information with your in-house asset management systems or BIM systems.

Excel Spreadsheets

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