Collect Data for in4systems Asset Management

Collect Data for in4systems Asset Management Easily export data collected with our mobile surveying software into the in4systems Asset Management System

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Collect Data for in4systems Asset Management

Are you struggling to collect data out in the field for your in4systems (Promaster) Asset Management? Or perhaps you need to re-survey and validate the data already held in in4systems.

Well there is an easy software solution using modern Android, iPads or Windows tablets. We can create a custom surveying question set for you, import existing data and exporting it ready for your in4systems Asset Management.


in4systems has provided comprehensive asset management solutions to the UK Social Housing sector and beyond for over 20 years. Their software is used by some of the largest Social Housing organisations, with thePromaster Suite managing over 850,000 properties.

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Get in touch with us to solve your mobile data collection problems. We guarantee within a few days you can be collecting data for your housing management system.

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