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Condition Survey Reports & The Best Schedule of Condition Survey Software

Use Condition Survey Software to provide objective information about the physical, mechanical and electrical condition of your clients' buildings. Ideal for qualified chartered building surveyors.

If it takes one hour to do an Schedule of Condition site inspection, it will probably take you hours to write up your final Schedule of Condition survey report if you do it by hand.

With PsCloud Schedule of Condition software, you eliminate tiring and repetitive report writing and save yourself hours of effort!

Example Schedule of Condition Report

Condition Survey Software

  Condition Survey App Overview

Modern Mobile Software. Schedule of Condition surveys are notoriously time-consuming because they take you time to type in your paper notes and collate all your photographs.

Custom Menus. With a PsCloud Schedule of Condition Survey app, you choose from a set of pre-built defect menus to build a flexible condition commentary from standard phrases that you can modify within the software.

Your can also use the additional 'Costed Works' add-on for Dilapidations surveys.

Condition Survey Screenshots

  Condition Survey Screenshots

Ready-made App. Look at the screenshot tour, and you will see that the app is ready-to-go. It's pre-built with menu options gathered from years of feedback from Schedule of Condition clients.

Floorplans. You can take photos directly on your mobile device or pick images from your gallery and then annotate them if you need to.

You can sketch drawings or photograph hand-drawn floorplans whilst on-site.

Condition Survey Videos

  Condition Survey Video Tour

Free Training. You can learn how to use the software in under 10 minutes, and it's the same interface on both mobile and desktop. We also provide free on going training should you need it.

Watch the short overview video to see how easy to use the software is.

Easy to Use. The video will take you through logging Schedule of Condition items, photographs, free format notes and so on.

All Devices. The software runs on iPads, Androids, iPhones, and Web Browsers.

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Condition Survey Reports & Condition Survey Software

A condition survey can have a multitude of variations. Some will relate to residential and social housing properties, others may cover commercial buildings.

Either way, if you are a surveyor, surveying practice or registered social landlord, you need to use as good condition survey report template. For efficiency the only way to carry out these types of surveys quickly and easily is to use a software application dedicated to the task, and preferable one with a mobile data collection app.

Wouldn't it be good if you as a surveyor could customise your own app to produce a condition survey report pdf from a building condition survey checklist, that YOU control?

Well it is now possible with this flexible surveying software

What Is a Condition Survey?

A detailed condition survey template will often include condition ratings, defects, costs pulled from a schedule of rates, lifecycle and expected remaining life, and most importantly, repeating whole life costs taking into account inflation if necessary.

A condition survey could cover any of the following types.

Asset Management System Integration

If you are a surveyor or surveying practice carrying out residential and commercial building surveys for clients using large asset management systems; we can help you provide data for their in-house systems.

Our PocketSurvey mobile software can collect data for the main housing asset management system providers including Northgate, Keystone, Asprey, In4systems, PIMSS, Integrator, ECMK, Kykloud, IBS Capita, Civica Keystone, Apex and many others.

Many of the above asset management system providers have poor mobile data collection tools, and hardly any work with modern Android tablets or phones!

RICS Condition Report?

The RICS Condition Report should be used for a conventional house, flat or bungalow built from common building materials and in reasonable condition.

It focuses purely on the condition of the property by setting out the following:

Clearly RICS building survey template is not suitable for a lot of commercial and residential surveys undertaken by surveying practices.

The RICS condition report tends to be too wordy and do not contain the detailed data that can be analysed to help make financial decisions about a property portfolio.

Take look at a range of Survey Templates more suitable for Surveying Practices

Some Related Survey Types

The number of different survey types can be bewildering, some are listed below.

However, with our PocketSurvey app you can effectively have one software app that can using many different condition survey templates to suit your surveying organisation.

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