Speed Up Dilapidations Surveying & Report Production

Building surveyors can now complete dilapidation surveys in the field by using this revolutionary mobile dilapidations survey software. The mobile software is slick, uncluttered, and so easy-to-use, even on small smartphones

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Speed Up Commercial Dilapidations Surveys

The dilapidations video will be coming soon, but in the meantime, watch some other videos on our YouTube channel. You will see our survey software in action, and how it effortlessly let you do building surveys on a tablet.

It works on any size of a tablet. It will also work very well with any Android smartphone.

Dilapidations Inspections Video

Dilapidations Video

Why Use Mobile Devices For Dilapidations?

This affordable dilapidations survey & reporting software is suitable for anybody wishing to undertake building inspections that are undertaken prior to new tenants coming into a building or prior to concluding an agreement.

The dilapidations survey captures location, condition, defects, works costs, priorities, comments, building photographs and photographs for each element.

Customise your app with your unique element descriptions, spot-costed remedial actions, and priorities, and lists of defects.

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What Does a Dilapidations Report Look Like?

Reduce your report production time by 90% by producing dilapidations reports in seconds similar to the one in the link below.

Dilapidations App

Dilapidations Report

  See Sample Dilapidations Report

Really Fast Dilapidations Surveys

Are you fed up with writing up your surveys from scruffy paper notes, cutting and pasting survey information into spreadsheets?

Now with this fast offline mobile app, you can perform your survey quickly on-site, taking photographs as you go.

Nothing else to do, apart from clicking a button to produce your final reports on your computer back in the office.

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