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Dilapidations Survey for Commecrial Building Surveyors & Surveying Practices

Dilapidations survey software for detailed on-site surveys that record the condition of building components and systems that may be affected by major damage or minor wear and tear. Use prior to letting or terminating a contract

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Dilapidations Mobile App for Commercial Surveying

This dilapidations survey template enables you to carry out surveys before new tenants come into a building, or before concluding a tenancy agreement.

On-site, you use a mobile tablet app to gather all the required dilaps information for your final report with very accurate results.

Back in your office, you produce your dilapidations reports in seconds on your computer, thus reducing your office reporting & administration a considerable amount.

Fully Costed Dilapidations Survey Reports

With this inspection software, you can produce your final dilapidations survey reports as Word or PDF documents in just a few seconds back in your office, without having to do extensive report writing on your computer.

This Dilapidations Report is a very detailed survey used to record the condition of building components and systems down to minor wear and tear, staining and the like. Sections in the report include the following.

  • Summary of the budgeted remedial works costs needed to rectify the defects noted within the scope of the inspection.
  • Detailed remedial works descriptions, with condition ratings, defects, work priorities, comments, and photographs.

You too could reduce your office admin by 90% by producing Dilapidations Survey reports in seconds

Dilapidations Survey Report

Dilapidations Survey Report

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Customisible Mobile App for Dilaps Inspections

This tablet/mobile phone surveying software is different from anything else you may have seen!

The mobile software is slick, uncluttered, and so easy-to-use, even on small smartphones. There is no need for an expensve iPad anymore since the app uses the much cheaper Android devices.

You can tailor your whole dilapidations software app, and effectively build your custom app with your unique element descriptions, spot-costed remedial actions, and priorities with our unique 'Survey Template Editor'.

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Powerful Database & Reporting System

Reports are produced in Word so you can do final edits if you need to before distributing to your clients.

Customise your reports with your logo and organisation details with the setup wizard.

You can create unlimited dilapidation reports because there is no charge per survey inspection.

View a typical dilapidations survey report by clicking the button below.

  See Sample Report

Benefits Mobile Dilapidations Software

Your surveyors waste a lot of time, effort, and cost by manually filling out paper forms, taking separate photographs, dictating and then transcribing back in the office.

Then you spend even more time after the survey correcting mistakes, re-keying data, creating reports and revisiting the site due to missed or lost site information

Finally say goodbye to paper forms and handwritten notes, forever!

Our prices are on our website and are scalable according to the size of your surveying practice. Furthermore, there is a fantastic monthly subscription option with needing a longterm contract.

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