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HHSRS Hazard 25 - Hot Surfaces and Materials

Cover burns, injuries caused by contact with a hot flame or fire, and contact with hot objects or hot non-water based liquids. Also scalds - injuries caused by contact with hot liquids and vapours.

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Hazard 25 - Hot Surfaces and Materials

This hazard covers threats of:

It includes burns caused by clothing catching alight from a controlled fire or flame, for example, when reaching across a gas flame or open fire used for heating. It does not include burns resulting from an uncontrolled fire at a dwelling.

Around 50% of severe burn and scald injuries to young children happen in the kitchen. The most common items involved in these accidents are cups and mugs of hot drinks, kettles, teapots, coffee pots, saucepans, cookers and chip pans and deep fryers.

Vulnerable Group: Children under 5 years

Defects & Justifications

Index of HHSRS Hazards

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