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Affordable Decent Homes HHSRS surveying & reporting software, for Surveyors, Councils, Surveying Practices and Social Housing Associations

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The Fastest Way To Do HHSRS Inspections

Watch the video below to see the mobile HHSRS surveying software in action on a tablet.

Useful Breakdown of HHSRS Hazards

Mobile HHSRS Surveying Software

Housing Health & Safety Video

Why Use Mobile Surveying?

Speed up your on-site inspections with this HHSRS mobile software and make your surveying teams super-efficient. Utilise pre-prepared address lists.

In addition to the standard Government HHSRS scoring, you have an option to log costed works needed to rectify the 29 hazards in the property.

This affordable HHSRS survey & reporting software is suitable for Surveyors, Councils, Surveying Practices and Social Housing Associations, and Landlords.

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What Does a HHSRS Report Look Like?

Reduce report production time by 90% by producing Housing Health & Safety reports in seconds like the one in the link below.

HHSRS Risk Assessment App

Housing Health & Safety Report

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Reduce HHSRS Report Production By 90%

The professional HHSRS reports include cross-referenced photographs, and automatic calculation of hazard bands and hazard categories, for all the 29 HHSRS hazards.

Your report will be customised with your logo and organisation details, can be edited in Word if you so wish, but can typically be sent to your clients as a PDF.

HHSRS Scoring Calculator

There is no need to use an HHSRS scoring spreadsheet with this software since you simply choose likelihood, outcome, and justification checklists via menus and everything is automatically calculated for you.

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