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See the HHSRS 29 Hazard Calculator Mobile App & Reporting Software in Action

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HHSRS 29 Hazards Inspection Software

The paper-based scoring sheet system devised by the Government is tedious and error-prone. You definitely need a software tool to carry out these Health & Safety inspections effectively.

Our HHSRS assessment software enables you to carry out fast mobile inspections on site using the easy-to-use app for tablets or phones.

Then you can produce your HHSRS risk assessment reports in seconds, thus reducing your office administration by 90% or more.

Useful Breakdown of HHSRS Hazards

Colour Coded HHSRS Reports in Seconds!

With this software, you can produce your final hazard risk assessment reports as Word or PDF documents in just a few seconds back in your office, without having to do extensive admin work on your computer.

The professional HHSRS report includes a building survey overview, an overview of the HHSRS assessment, and a summary of the overall categories of risk.

This is followed by a report section showing the fully calculated scores for each hazard along with a list of defects (justifications), and finally, a hyper-linked photographic gallery is in the appendix.

You too could reduce your office admin by 90% by producing HHSRS risk assessment inspection reports in seconds

HHSRS Risk Assessment App

Housing Health & Safety Report

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HHSRS Mobile Data Collection App - Fast Accurate Inspections

Our software system is different to anything else you may have seen! The HHSRS mobile app calculator is geared up to collecting data on site quickly and easily.

You do not have to swipe endlessly to get to the correct question, or scroll down long pages to find the correct input fields - you are guided to the correct place, automatically and effortlessly. Scoring and calculations take place automatically behind the scenes.

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Housing Health & Safety Rating Reports - Reduce Admin by 90%

The professional HHSRS report includes referenced photographs, and automatic calculation of hazard scores and hazard bands, for all the 29 HHSRS hazards.

Each report is initially produced in Word so you can do final edits if you really need to before creating the PDF to send to your clients.

Your own reports will be customised with your logo and organisation details. Plus there is no charge per inspection report, so you can create unlimited inspection reports for numerous clients.

View a typical HHSRS survey report by clicking the button below.

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Low Cost & Affordable

This HHSRS 29 Hazards risk assessment software is ideally suitable for housing enforcement officers, housing associations, surveying practices, surveyors, and property landlords.

Our prices are published clearly on our website and are scalable according to the size of your organisation, and there is a fantastic monthly subscription option.

Because you save hours and hours of report writing you will recoup your investment in less than a day of surveying.


With our mobile app you just concentrate on answering 29 HHSRS hazards relating to the property and taking photos of samples.

Our survey software automatically follows the guidelines set out by the Government, where a hazard assessment calculation is used to arrive at the action you need to take regarding your property management.

You can tailor your whole HHSRS inspection and specify locations, defects/justifications with our unique 'Survey Template Editor'.

There is an optional add-on to log corrective repairs using costs from a schedule of rates.

Who Is The HHSRS Mobile App For?

Use our mobile Decent Homes HHSRS mobile surveying app to survey residential buildings onsite using modern tablets & smart phones.

Ideal for housing associations, registered social landlords, councils, enforcement officers, and surveying practices

Speed up onsite surveying and make your surveying teams super efficient. The mobile app is slick, uncluttered and so easy-to-use, even on small phones.

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What is HHSRS?

The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) was introduced by the Housing Act 2004 and has been in force since April 2006. It is the primary system for assessing and enforcing housing standards in England and Wales.

The HHSRS assesses 29 categories of housing hazard. Each hazard has a weighting which will help determine whether the property is rated as having Category 1 (serious) or Category 2 (other).

The ultimate aim is to provide a system to enable risks from hazards to health and safety in dwellings to be removed or minimised.

However, the paper-based scoring inspection sheet system devised by the Government is tedious and error-prone. You definitely need a software tool to carry out these Health & Safety inspections effectively.

What is a Category 1 Hazard?

If a hazard is a serious and immediate risk to a person's health and safety, this is known as a Category 1 hazard. Category 1 classifications cover bands A to C inclusive.

If a hazard is less serious or less urgent, this is known as a Category 2 hazard.

HHSRS Government Review - 2019

The Government have finally realised that it was very poorly designed and hard to understand! Therefore, they initiated a review of the system in 2019. Fortunately, this software is easy-to-use and overcomes the failings in the Government system.

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