Housing Voids Mobile Software App for Housing Associations

A housing voids mobile app and desktop reporting software to manage void properties and repair costs for social Housing Associations and landlords. Monitor & manage void properties, optimizing your re-let process

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Housing Voids & Repairs Mobile Software App

Our housing voids & maintenance template enables you to carry out fast mobile void property inspections on-site using an easy-to-use app for tablets or smartphones.

Then, back in your office, you can produce your housing voids repairs & renewals reports in seconds, thus reducing your office reporting & administration by 90% or more.

Easily collect data for your housing management systems, such as Omniledger, SDM Housing, Kirona, Aareon, Capita, Northgate, Rocc, Microsoft Dynamics, and many others.

Fully Costed Voids & Repairs Reports in Seconds!

With this inspection software, you can produce your final housing voids & maintenance reports as Word or PDF documents in just a few seconds back in your office, without having to do extensive report writing on your computer.

The professional residential housing voids & maintenance reports include administration details such as tenant information, meter readings keys and the like.

Then the void works section shows full details of remedial maintenance work with costs from a detailed schedule of rates.

You too could reduce your office admin by 90% by producing Housing Voids & Repairs reports in seconds

Housing Voids Mobile App for Fast Void Turnaround

This voids data collection software is different from anything else you may have seen! The voids & maintenance mobile app gathers defects, remedial repairs, photographs, and corrective actions on-site, quickly and easily.

You are guided to the right place in the survey, by the app that displays configurable descriptions and costs from a schedule of rates for you.

Speed up on-site surveying and make your surveying teams super-efficient. The mobile software is slick, uncluttered, and so easy-to-use, even on smartphones.

  About Housing Voids App

Powerful Voids Database & Reporting Management

This detailed housing voids & repairs survey captures quantity, condition and urgency. Repair costs come from an external schedule of rates that you control to suit your own needs.

The data captured includes administration details such as tenant information, meter readings keys and fully costed repairs, along with budges and responsibilities.

Reports are produced in Word so you can do final edits if you need to before creating the PDF to distribute within your organisation.

Customise your reports with your logo and organisation details. You can create unlimited void reports because there is no charge per inspection.

View a typical housing voids & maintenance report by clicking the button below.

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Low Cost & Affordable For Housing Voids Inspections

This mobile housing voids & maintenance software is ideally suitable for surveying practices, property managers, landlords, and housing associations.

This inspection application ensures accurate & consistent housing voids & maintenance surveys across your property portfolio.

See our prices clearly on our website and are scalable according to the size of your organisation. Furthermore, there is a fantastic monthly subscription option for smaller housing associations.

Because you save hours of report writing, you will recoup your costs after just doing a few voids surveys.

Easy-To-Use on Mobile Phones or Tablets

With our mobile housing voids & maintenance app, you just concentrate on assessing the condition of building elements, logging repairs, defects, comments, and taking photos of each building element as you go along.

Easy to Customise

You can tailor your whole housing voids & maintenance software and effectively build your custom app, component descriptions, administration details, remedial actions and priorities with our unique 'Survey Template Editor'.

Benefits Mobile Housing Voids Software

Your voids surveyors waste a lot of time, effort, and cost by manually filling out paper forms, taking separate photographs, dictating and then transcribing back in the office.

Then you sepnd even more time after the survey correcting mistakes, re-keying data, creating reports and revisiting the site due to missed or lost site information

This voids management software enables social housing providers to monitor & manage void properties, optimizing the re-let process & justifying rent loss.

Finally say goodbye to paper forms and handwritten notes, forever!

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Voids Property Managers Need This Software

Building surveyors can complete housing voids & maintenance surveys in the field by using this revolutionary mobile housing voids & maintenance software.

The mobile software eliminates the need for paper-based assessment forms by guiding you through and assessments with a mobile application with pre-populated menus and checklists.

On-site data collection means that assessors never need to input building element data manually again. Then you can create your reports on your computer in seconds without any further editing.

This voids & maintenance survey allows you to collect information relating to the property in general, and to identify a programme of remedial works, fore a quicker turnaround of tenancies.

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