The Benefits of Mobile Data Collection

Mobile data collection reduces the time, resources, and cost of extracting important information from the field, while improving the quality of the data collected.

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How Mobile Data Collection Works - The Benefits of Mobile

Mobile data collection is the method of gathering any type of information using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

By digitally recording information at the source onsite you don't have to waste time typing data back into a spreadsheet or database. Plus you won't have to deal with illegible handwritten notes.

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The Process Flow

Mobile data collection is fast and provides high quality data, without errors. Mobile devices can capture various forms of data using menus, along with photos, sketches, barcodes and GPS location.

Once your data has been captured in electronic format, it can be immediately stored in a database for subsequent reporting, and exporting to spreadheets and other systems.

  1. Collect. Collect data on your Android mobile devices (phones and tablets).
  2. Transfer. Transfer collected data from your mobile workforce via a Internet Cloud service.
  3. Report. Click a single button to produce your professional reports and data exports in seconds

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