Ready Made Building Surveys

Ready made building surveys with customisation and branding

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Ready Made Building Surveys

We have many ready-made building surveys and can customise them very quickly to suit your exact needs. Surveys run on you mobile device and transfer the data via Internet cloud storage ready for you to collect on you own laptop, desktop or server.

The reporting software & mobile surveying app can be used with a range of different survey templates. The most popular ready-to-go survey templates are suitable for both residential & commercial building surveying.

Commercial Surveying Templates

Social Housing & Quality Survey Templates

Compliance Risk Assessment Survey Templates

Building Surveying Survey Templates

Reduce Office Reporting & Admin by 90%

The database & reporting software produces professional surveyors reports, that generally include table of contents, overview sections, detailed information about a building assets, hyperlinked photographs, and various boilerplate sections.

Quick & Easy Mobile Surveying

Speed up onsite surveying with the mobile surveyors app and make your surveying teams super efficient.

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Be SMART... Collect Data NOT Paper
Deliver Building Survey Reports in Seconds!