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HHSRS Aspect of the Decent Homes Standard

Summary of the key points to guide a landlord to achieve Decent Homes HHSRS compliance in plain Englis. You may need to commision a specialist damp surveyor for damp surveys

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HHSRS Aspect of the Decent Homes Standard

There are FOUR Aspects to the Decent Homes Standard as listed below.

  1. Dwellings must be free from Category 1 HHSRS Hazards
  2. Dwellings must be in a reasonable state of REPAIR
  3. Dwellings must have reasonably modern FACILITIES and SERVICES
  4. Dwellings must provide a reasonable degree of THERMAL COMFORT

HHSRS (Point 1) was introduced under the Housing Act 2004 and applies to residential housing provided by social and private landlords.

The HHSRS Legislation requires a landlords to assess 29 potential housing hazards. As is usual with Government Standards, it is overly complicated and requires a degree in statistics to do the assessment!

Key Requirements of HHSRS

Below is a summary of the key points to guide a landlord to achieve Decent Homes HHSRS compliance in plain English.

Damp & Mould Growth

Eradicate all forms of damp or condensation. Remove any mould in a property using a strong bleach solution or mould and mildew remover. You may need to commision a specialist damp surveyor.

Excessive Cold or Heat

All dwelling should have an adequate heat source. If this is not the case heating should be installed or improved to the required standard. Ccentral heating would be the norm.

However, cold may be due to ineffective insulation, in which case insulation of lofts and walls should be improved ifi possible.

Also avoid draughts by ensuring any cracks or gaps in walls, especially around doors and windows, are filled adequately using appropriate materials.

Dangerous Chemicals

This includes substances such as asbestos and carbon dioxide. Asbestos surveys should be carried out by a P402 approved surveyor to HSG 264 standards.


Space in the dwelling should be sufficient for the number of occupants. The general guide would be as below.


Doors and windows need to have adequate locks to ensure safety and security of the occupants.


Noise can be caused by loud neighbours, proximity to railway, nightclubs etc. If possible, you may need to consider installimg special noise insulation.

Light Levels

Every room in the dwelling should have a window and/or light switch, unless it is a store cupboard or the like.

Other Hazards

You should mitgate the risk of trips, falls, poor hygiene, poor sanitation, electrical, etc

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