L8 Inspection Software Template For Fast Legionella Risk Assessment Reports

The best L8 Legionella Risk Assessment mobile software you can get for your inspection reports. Speed up onsite surveying with the Legionella Risk Assessment mobile software and make your compliance surveying teams super efficient

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Speed Up Legionella Risk Assessments

Watch the video below to see the mobile Legionella surveying software in action on a tablet.

Legionella Risk Assessment Inspection

Legionella Risk Assessment Video

Why Use Mobile Surveying?

Speed up your on-site inspections with this Legionella mobile software and make your inspection teams super-efficient. Utilise pre-prepared address lists, location lists, and much more.

You also have an option to produce a cost schedule for any recommended actions associated with non-compliant items.

This affordable Risk Assessment survey & reporting software is suitable for anybody wishing to undertake Legionella L8 compliance safety inspections.

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What Does a Legionella Report Look Like?

Reduce report production time by 90% by producing Legionella Risk Assessment reports in seconds similar to the one in the link below.

Legionella Risk Assessment App

Legionella Risk Assessment Report

  See Sample Legionella Report

Reduce Legionella Report Production By 90%

Your professional Legionella report details each potential source of Legionella along with a list of compliances, non-compliances, required actions, and finally, a hyper-linked photographic gallery in the appendix.

Your professional report will be customised with your logo and organisation details, and can be edited in Word if you so wish, but can typically be sent to your clients as a PDF more or less immediately.

Eliminate Paper Data Collection

This mobile risk assessment & inspection app completely eliminates the need for paper-based forms and associated administrative overheads.

It is designed to allow you to carry out your Legionella risk assessments & inspections for small, medium, or large organisations. The inspection can be used for your own internal compliance or as a service to your customers.

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