Schools Asset Data Collection Mobile App

The app displays configurable descriptions and costs from any schedule of rates of your choosing. It is pre-configrured with a BCIS skeleton of NRM descriptions, but you can use ANY schedule of rates

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Schools Asset Data Collection Mobile App

With this asset data collection template for schools, you can collect building fabric, mechanical, and electrical asset data for your facilities management systems using a turnkey mobile app for tablets or phones.

Then you can produce your schools' asset management reports, spreadsheets, pivot tables, and data exports in seconds, thus reducing your facilities management administration by 90% or more.

This app is perfect for educational establishments, universities, schools, surveying practices, facility management companies, and facility managers.

Fully-Costed Schools Asset Data Collection

With this inspection software, you can produce your schools' asset data collection reports as Word or PDF documents in just a few seconds back in your office, without having to do extensive report writing on your computer.

You can export asset data spreadsheets, pivot tables with automatic 5-year, 10-year, 30-year lifecycle maintenance plans in just a few clicks.

Easily collect data for your schools' asset management systems, such as Concept Evolution, IBM Maximo, Tribal, Tabs CAFM, Concerto, Job Logic, Planon, Accruent, Micad, Fiix, Upkeep, Microsoft Dynamics, and many others.

You too could reduce your office admin by 90% by producing Schools Asset Condition reports & spreadsheets in seconds

Schools FM Asset Data Collection App

This educational establishment data collection system is different to anything else you may have seen! The condition-based schools' mobile app captures condition, residual life, barcodes, and equipment attributes on-site, quickly and easily.

You are guided to the right place effortlessly by the app that displays configurable descriptions and costs from any schedule of rates of your choosing. It is pre-configured with a BCIS skeleton of NRM descriptions.

Speed up on-site surveying and make your facilities management mobilisation teams super-efficient. The mobile app is slick, uncluttered, and so easy-to-use, even on smartphones.

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Powerful Database & Reporting System

Every asset data collection survey captures quantity, condition, equipment attributes, and remaining life. You can drive your inspection with costs based on an external schedule of rates (such as BCIS) that you can edit to suit your own needs. It includes the ability to specify comments, take building photographs and photographs for each building asset.

Included as standard are Word-based condition reports with referenced photographs and user-definable Excel exports. You can extend the functionality with add-ons such as those listed below.

You can export schools asset data collection PDF report, spreadsheets, pivot tables with automatic 5-year, 10-year, 30-year lifecycle maintenance plans in just a few clicks.

View an example schools asset data collection report by clicking the button below.

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Low Cost & Affordable For Schools

This mobile asset data collection software is ideally suitable for educational surveying practices, facility management companies, schools, universities, facility managers, and property management organisations.

This educational inspection application ensures accurate & consistent schools asset data surveys across complete building portfolios and multiple sites.

Because you save hours and hours of data collation and spreadsheet construction, you will recoup your investment in just a few hours.

Prices are fully visible on our website and are scalable according to the size of your organisation. Furthermore, there is a fantastic monthly subscription option for smaller facilities management companies.

Easy-To-Use on Mobile Tablets or Phones

With our tablet-based schools asset data collection app, you can concentrate on assessing the remaining life of building assets, logging installation dates, condition, defects, equipment information, comments, and taking photos of each building asset as you go along.

You can pre-load the complete geography of your sites, buildings, floors, and rooms; making it so easy to survey large educational portfolios.

Easy to Setup & Change

We can offer a skeleton schedule of rates such as Fabric, M&E, BCIS that you can quickly and easily customise using our template editor to suit your unique purposes. You can, in fact, use any schedule of rates of your choosing. We will even help you configure the whole system before delivery.

You can tailor your whole schools' asset data collection software and effectively build your custom app, component descriptions, attributes, lifespans, lifecycle costs, and attribute codes with our unique 'Survey Template Editor'.

Need For Mobile Schools Asset Data Collection

The primary objective of a school-based asset data collection survey is to prolong the life of an asset with a preventative upkeep schedule. This pro-active approach maximizes asset value and limits unnecessary premature replacement costs.

Benefits Mobile Schools Asset Collection Software

Schools building surveyors waste a lot of time, effort, and cost by manually filling out paper forms, taking separate photographs, and dictating notes.

Then you will need to waste even more time back at base, correcting mistakes, re-keying data, creating reports. Furthermore, you may have to revisit your site due to missed or lost site information.

You could use this precious time in more productive activities such as gaining new clients and marketing your business.

Save time & money with this asset data condition template when carrying out schools' asset inspections.

Finally say goodbye to paper forms and handwritten notes, forever!

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Schools Surveyors Need This Software

Education establishment surveyors can complete schools asset surveys in the field by using this revolutionary mobile asset data collection software.

The mobile software eliminates the need for paper-based assessment forms by guiding you through and assessments with a mobile application with pre-populated menus and checklists.

On-site data collection means that assessors never need to input building element data manually again. Then you can create your spreadsheets & data exports on your computer in seconds without any further editing.

This condition-based asset data collection survey allows you to collect information relating to building assets and identify future preventative maintenance works.

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