CAFM/CMMS Asset Data Collection Software & App for Tablets or Mobile Phones

This mobile CAFM/CMMS asset data collection software is the perfect solution for anybody carrying out commercial, industrial, educational data collection surveys for asset systems such as Capita, Civica, Concept Evolution, IBM Maximo, Tribal, and many more

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Mobile Asset Data Collection Software

Collect data for input into any CAFM/CMMS asset management system with our powerful software app.

Carry out mobile data collection surveys using Android tablets & phones and reduce your office admin by 90%.

Export & Import data easily into any CAFM/CMMS asset management system with this powerful software & mobile app.

Mobile Asset Data Collection Software App

Data Collection Software App

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This affordable CAFM/CMMS Asset Data Collection survey & reporting software is suitable for anybody wishing to undertake commercial asset data collection inspections for asset management systems such as Capita, Civica, Concept Evolution, IBM Maximo, Tribal, and may more systems.

Highly Scalable

Our pre-built asset survey templates are scalable for managing few hundred building to many thousands - and best of all it is very affordable and customisable. Knowing the diverse needs of the FM industry, we can confidently deliver a survey solution tailored to your exact requirements.

Low Cost & Affordable

Our prices are published clearly on our website and are scalable according to the size of your organisation, and there is a fantastic monthly subscription option. You could start collecting data onsite in a matter of days.

Because you save hours and hours of fabric, mechanical & electrical, asset data gathering you will recoup your investment in just a few days.

Mobile Data Collection App - It's FAST!

Our software is different to anything else you may have seen! The mobile asset data collection app is geared up to collecting data on site quickly and easily, and t you own specific requiriements.

You do not have to swipe endlessly to get to the correct question, or scroll down long pages to find the correct input fields - you are guided to the correct place, automatically and effortlessly.

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Powerful Database & Exporting System

You can produce your final asset collection reports as Word or PDF documents, Excel spreadsheets and pivot tables, or export to your CAFM/CMMS systems in just a few seconds, without having to do extensive admin work on your computer.

  • Lifecycle Plan & Pivot Table. This feature will add full repeating lifecycle renewal costings and produces a 10, 15, 30-year lifecycle costing as an Excel pivot table and pivot chart.
  • Custom Exports. We can export data to a custom CSV/Excel format suitable for any building asset management system based on a specification that you supply us.

Configurable Surveys

Our comprehensive data collection surveys capture quantity, condition and remaining life, with costs based on an external schedule of rates that you can edit to suit your own needs.

You can specify specify locations, materials, lifetimes, rates, asset descriptions, mahufacture details, comments, and take photographs for each building element.

Our mobile data collection surveys are highly configurable to suit your own special requirements.


With our mobile app you just concentrate on answering the asset data collection questions relating to your buidings and taking asset condition photos.

You can tailor your whole mobile data collection survey with our unique 'Survey Template Editor'.

You too could reduce your office admin by 90% by collecting asset data for your CAFM/CMMS asset management systems using mobile data collection.


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