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You will find our PocketSurvey mobile data collection and reporting system is the most superior product you could get to fulfill your tender requirements

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Surveying Software Technology Partner

We often get asked to be a technology partner by surveying organisations who are submitting tenders for large surveying projects.

You will find our PocketSurvey mobile data collection and reporting system is the most superior product you could get to fulfil your tender requirements.

This page provides a useful overview for you to include in your tender document. As you can see, our system can easily cope with any large scale surveying project.

Data Outputs - Word, PDF, Excel, CSV

Without surveys we typically output your survey data as a Word document, in easy-to-read format, with hyper linked photographs, and a selection of the data that you need present to stakeholders.

You would normally save this as a PDF and distribute to your clients or organisation members.

With out pivot table wizard technology you can produce comprehensive Excel pivot tables & pivot charts in seconds. You can then distribute these to your clients, where they can perform drill down, their own analysis, and print various scenarios.

We also provide extensive Excel & CSV data via our export wizards, that can be easily customised to map your data onto any, and I repeat any, building asset management system.

Our Survey Methodology - Overview

You can capture unlimited attributes for unlimited building elements with all the standard input types that you would ever need.

Input types can be simple menus such as yes no, a list of items, tick lists, numeric items with bounds and validation, free text entry, look up reference data, and various scales with underlying codes.

We were typically present building elements in a very structured manner by grouping them into sections containing items with flexible descriptions. Furthermore, these would typically be held and a schedule of rates held in a spreadsheet format for easy change and configuration.

Full Range of Features

  • Unlimited Attributes. Unlimited attributes can be configured to be captured by our mobile asset data collection system.
  • Unlimited Photos. Unlimited photos can be taken of any building or building element these are fully referenced in any output reports.
  • All Input Types. Our software can capture data using a full range of input types such as boolean, classified lists unique to a specific attribute, general lists with related codes, numeric, date & time, free format text, and so on.
  • Survey Flow. We offer optional or mandatory items to ensure that correct flow and completion of the survey. Conditional questions ensure only relevant data is captured.
  • Archetypes. We can cater for unlimited building types covering commercial, industrial, educational, and residential, of every variation possible. We also have the ability to use unlimited definitions of archetypes rather than a fixed prescriptive list.
  • Visit Scheduling. Surveys can be carried out ad hoc or, preferably scheduled, with the use of visit lists, which can be segmented according to area and surveyor. We have inbuilt visit letters that you can send to tenants and clients informing of proposed site visit.
  • Data Storage. Data is stored on the mobile devices at data collection time and is then sent via a secure Internet connection to a central repository in the Cloud. From here the client will retrieve the data onto their own systems ensuring full control over the security and backup of their final data. Backups are kept in the Cloud for a certain period depending on the client's requirements
  • Data Exports. All data can be exported in various customised formats suitable for any target Asset Management system, this ensures that you are not locked in to our software after project completion. You client can also purchase our powerful database and reporting system if they so wish.
  • System Changes. Changes to the configuration of the system can normally be undertaken directly by yourself in minutes and transferred immediately to the onsite surveying teams via the Internet.
  • Quality & Checking. We ensure high quality of data by ensuring strict rules in the data collection system. We also provide a very powerful statistical validator that enables you to find anomalies in your data collection process, and easily correct these using our unique filtering system.
  • Scenario Planning. The Scenario Planner add-on lets you move works, and their repeating lifecycles intelligently, to spread your capital forecast costs to match a planned budget.

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Wide range of survey templates for surveying practices, building owners, property managers

Ready-to-go & Easily Customisable

Are you frustrated by having to rely on spreadsheets or out‑dated asset management systems to get an accurate view of your building assets?

You can create a complete custom‑made survey system for yourself with out unique building survey template editor. You simply buy the closest template for your needs and take advantage of our free survey design training.

Furthermore, if you do not have the time yourself to customise your survey system, we can offer you an extra service to customise our ready‑to‑go surveying templates very quickly to suit your exact needs

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